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Marcy's Music Center

Piano Lesson

Research has shown that playing piano improves memory, coordination and attention and improves school performance.

We use The Toccata Method®. Created by Marcy Rubin, it is an innovative new way to teach piano. Using interactive methods including Composition, games, student-led learning, chords,  duets and activities, students learn piano and make progress each week. Classes include two fun montage-style video concerts each year.


Learn Piano, have fun with music, play duets with a friend, be part of our video concert and join Marcy's Music Center community!

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Meet Marcy


Marcy Rubin is a Piano Teacher & founder of Toccata Method, a new and innovative way to teach Piano. In 2020, she founded Simon Jewish Music Series in an effort to bring fun, educational Jewish song books to kids.

Marcy Rubin

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